Decluttering for Writers

As a fiction writer, you bring entire worlds to life on the page. Over time, that comes with a lot of clutter (physical and digital)!

It's hard to write a few pages, let alone create a world, when your writing space is buried, plot notes lost in a pocket are going through the wash, and you can't find that crucial email from your beta reader. Decluttering for Writers, a PDF ebook, shows you how to clear that chaos in four efficient steps, so you can get back to making the best use of valuable writing sessions.

Are you ready to reclaim your writing life from the chaos? Buy Decluttering for Writers today and you can get started immediately!

10 percent of the net profits will go to Books for Me!, a non-profit society and registered charity in Vancouver dedicated to providing children's books to low income families.

If you decide that this product isn't right for you, you may request a refund within a week of your purchase.

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